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TCDA Mid Year Competition
- Capitol Theatre Box Office
- By phoning 02 6767 5200
- Online via this link
- Upon entry at the Box Office

Which Showcase is my Dancer in?  Check the programs below to find the right session.

Junior Showcase - Saturday 1 pm

TCDA Mini Show Troupe

Wednesday Tinys

Test One Tap

Quirindi Tinys

Test Three Ballet

Test Two Ballet

Saturday AM Tinys

Junior Hip Hop

Test One Ballet

Test Three Jazz
Test Two Jazz

Quirindi Junior Ballet

Test One Jazz

Test Three Tap

Quirindi Junior Jazz

Saturday PM Tinys

Junior Modern

Senior Showcase - Saturday 7 pm

TCDA Senior Show Troupe

Gold Medal Ballet 1

Quirindi Senior Jazz

Gold Star Ballet

Gold Medal Ballet 2

Open Tap

Open Jazz / Modern

Gold Modern

Open Hip Hop

Gold Medal Tap

Gold Medal Jazz 2B

Elementary Jazz

Silver Star Ballet

Yummy Mummys

TCDA Intermediate Show Troupe

Open Modern

Quirindi Senior Modern

TCDA Senior Show Troupe

Gold Medal Jazz 1

Gold Hip Hop

Open Ballet

Gold Medal Jazz 2A

Yummy Mummys

TCDA Intermediate Show Troupe

Intermediate Showcase - Sunday 5 pm

TCDA Junior Show Troupe

Bronze Medal Ballet

Silver Medal Tap

Bronze Star Jazz

Silver Hip Hop

Bronze Medal Tap

Silver Modern

Bronze Modern

Quirindi Combined Intermediates

Combined Musical Theatre
Silver Medal Jazz

Bronze Star Ballet

Silver Medal Ballet 2

Silver Medal Ballet 1

Bronze Medal Jazz

Silver Star Jazz

Bronze Hip Hop

TCDA Junior Show Troupe

* NSW Dine and Discover Vouchers can be used for ticket purchases when booking in person or over the phone, but not online.  Apply for your vouchers via your Services app.
*Admission is free for performers attending their session and kids 3 years and under.
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