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Announcing TCDA's 2024 Performance Troupes

TCDA were the first studio in this region to offer performance troupes and we are so proud of the successes of all of our Troupies over the past decade. Auditions were held last Sunday and we are so proud of everyone who auditioned and the high level of talent across the board. We can't wait to see this years Troupes hit the stage and continue to set the pace.

TCDA 2024 Mini Show Troupe

Peyton Gippel, Isla Grimley, Eliza Hynes, Mikayla MacGillivray, Aria McHugh, Alexander Stass, Summer Brown, Harper Charlesworth, Evie Cunningham, Samual Harris, Sophia Mitchell, Romme Smith, Ava Summers.

TCDA 2024 Junior Show Troupe

TCDA 2024 Intermediate Troupe

TCDA 2024 Senior Show Troupe

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