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Learn to fly with the northwest regions leaders in Aerial Arts

TCDA Senior Performance Aerial Silks


Finding a building suitable for aerial arts was a priority for us when looking for a new premises in 2022, and we certainly found one to fit the bill, with our 6 metre ceiling facilitating limitless teaching, performance and rehearsal possibilities in two studios.

In line with TCDA's exceptional long term safety record we have over engineered our rigging systems which have been installed and are annually inspected and certified by a licensed rigger using rigging and apparatus accompanied by testing safety certificates.Apparatus is inspected prior to each use and rigorous routine safety checks are conducted and signed off weekly to keep everyone as safe as possible.


TCDA's aerial landing mats have been sourced from specialist aerial suppliers to meet Australian Standards, our instructors are certified and our public liability insurance is extended to cover aerial arts.   


  • The two aerial disciplines currently offered at TCDA are silks and lyra (hoop). 

  • Classes are offered for dancers aged 5 to 18 years which are graded by skill level rather than age.  

  • Aerial classes are only available in conjunction with technique classes at TCDA (ballet and/or jazz) as part our our program to build core strength, technique and artistry.

  • Private aerial lessons are available for 1-3 persons that can be taken without any additional classes and must be booked by the term.

  • Our Tiny Tumblers (3-5 years) are introduced to silks and lyra as part of their program.

  • Adult aerial classes, known as our Fly Gals, are a casual class, purchased in 5 session blocks that must be used within six months and can be topped up as required, and cater to all skill levels.

TCDA Junior Aerial
TCDA Fly Gals Adult Aerial


Silks and lyra are amongst the most elegant of dance disciplines, however, it is important to realise from the outset that this is a strenuous and physically demanding activity.  We have covered the necessary safety aspects to limit serious injuries from falls, but bruises and silk burns can be an inevitable byproduct of these classes.  Our teachers will modify classes to address individual skill levels but all participants must ensure that they are fit and ready for dance and make their instructor aware of any injuries that are current, historical or recurring.  If aerial arts were easy, everyone would be doing it! So work with us to set realistic goals, be prepared to work hard and consistently and you will be rewarded with this dazzling new set of skills.  Come learn to fly with us!

TCDA Duo Lyra Aerial
TCDA Tiny Tumblers Prep
TCDA Senior Performance Silks
TCDA Junior Aerial Classes
TCDA Senior Performance Lyra Hoops
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