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Our year is filled with an abundance of opportunities and events that galvanise our community and make us a strong dance family



TCDA's annual sleepover has been a regular inclusion on our calendar since 2014 and our younger dancers wait with bated breath until they hit high school and are allowed to attend.  Coinciding with Halloween we use this as an opportunity to dress up, play games, watch our previous concerts on the big screen and enjoy each others company as we come down from our competition and exam period and prepare for our major production.


Each year TCDA hosts workshops presented by some of the very best practitioners in our industry.  Past workshops have included intensive classical with former ATOD President Karen Malek and ATOD Licentiate Simone Dawson, Commercial Jazz with David Camm, Contemporary Fusion with Steve Williams, Contemporary with SDC's Isaac Clark and TCDA exclusive free workshops with the Sydney Dance Company and the Melbourne City Ballet, both of which TCDA was the presenting partner for during their Tamworth performances.  


Given our size, TCDA conducts our own internal Competition and Championships run over 2 days in June.  Independently and externally adjudicated, our students may enter a number of categories as either soloists or as a part of a duo or trio. 


Our Championship entrants compete for prestige and prizes donated by a number of amazing local businesses.  The competition is of a consistently high standard but also exceedingly friendly and supportive and many students will perform their TCDA Competition dances at the various Eisteddfods throughout our region as well.


Our Mid Year Showcase takes place at the Tamworth Town Hall and is divided into a Junior and Senior concert to make the running time more manageable.  Our Showcase contrasts with our Major Production by being much more informal and personal.  Each grade performs items that demonstrate what they have been working on in class and is presented with Teachers providing a brief introduction of each item. For our younger dancers this is their first stage experience and prepares them for our major production.



TCDA students may elect to undertake examination by the Australian Teachers Of Dancing (ATOD) in our Tamworth Studios each September.  The qualifications that are awarded are internationally recognised and provides a wonderful and overwhelmingly positive feedback on a dancers development and progress.

ATOD grades also provide pathways for further qualifications as a dance teacher or studio owner.  TCDA students undertake over ATOD 200 examinations each year and we are consistently praised for our standard, organisation and presentation.


TCDA strives to create a vibrant and supportive dance Community.  Our dancers and their families form great friendships during class time and this interaction is continued when we come together to support our dancers at Charity and Community events, Performances and also during many of the TCDA Social Events that dot our calendar each year and include our annual Barefoot Bowls and BBQ night and TCDA Trivia Night or even just when we celebrate each others birthdays in class.

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