Uniforms are a great way to encourage a team atmosphere and give a sense of belonging.  Wearing the TCDA uniform described here will also ensure that you or your dancer are dressed safely for dance.

In class, we wear black bottoms to suit the weather and dance discipline.  Exam uniforms can also be worn to class.

It is important to layer up when dancing to avoid injury.  Wear clothes that can be peeled away as you warm up and can be placed back on after dance to keep your muscles warm.  


All Classical Ballet students need to purchase their own Tutu from Dance-X-S-ive in the Atrium in Tamworth.  These Tutu's will form the basis of your costume for any performances and be topped and embellished by KJ Costumes as part of your costume fee.  Please order your Tutu as soon as possible so that your dancer will definitely have it in time for any performance.

Tutu colours will vary based on your ballet grade at TCDA.  Our staff or Kerry at Dance-X-S-ive can advise you of which colour you will need if you are unsure.

Tinys - No Tutu Required

Test 1, 2, 3, Bronze Medal and Bronze Star - White Tutu

Silver Medal and Silver Star - Our silvers earn a coloured tutu.  each new class gets their own colour.

Gold Medal, Gold Star, Gold Bar and Open - Finally graduate to the much sought after Black tutu.

All Quirindi Ballet - White Tutu


Red TCDA Headband, black leotard, red wrap skirts and ballet slippers without ribbons


Pair TCDA singlet tops with black tights for more protection in classes such as contemporary

TCDA Headbands

Red for our Junior's and Black for our Seniors (silver grades and over) available from TCDA

Bags and Totes

Embroidered dance bags to keep your dancewear together and printed totes make great gifts.


Embroidered TCDA caps are not compulsory but a great idea for our outdoor performances.

Ballet - Exams

Black leotard, black ballet wrap, TCDA headband, ballet tights and ballet shoes


Ribbons are required from Bronze Medal up, correctly attached, tied and tucked

Jazz - Exams

Black leotards and black boylegs, TCDA headband, tights and jazz shoes.

Class Uniform

TCDA embroidered singlet top available from Dance-X-S-ive with black bottoms


The style and colour of tights required for lyrical and contemporary dance.


Embroidered and personalised with your name.  Perfect for layering before and after dance.

Drink Bottles

Always bring a drink bottle to stay hydrated.  Metal TCDA drink bottles are also available.


Ensure ribbons are correctly attached, tied and tucked

Ballet Tights

Pictured above is the shade and style of tights to be worn with either ballet flats or pointes.

Tap - Exams

Black leotard, black flip skirt, TCDA headband, tights and tap shoes.

Jazz - Tights

Pictured above is the shade and style of tights to be worn with Jazz boots.


We hold a free TCDA Grooming workshop for our dance parents in term 2 so everyone can learn TCDA hair and makeup styles for our performances.

We have provided these guides to assist you in achieving the TCDA look if you missed the workshop or just need a refresher.

Makeup is not required for classes, only performances and some photo shoots.

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