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Whilst COVID travel restrictions prevent us from running our regular Summer Series Workshops we are so happy to be conducting our 2 day "Accelerate" Holiday program exclusively available to TCDA enrolled students.

JUNIORS, PRIMARY & SENIOR WORKSHOPS - TCDA is excited to offer these awesome 2 day multi-genre holiday workshops covering Stretch and Technique, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary and Acro. These classes are designed not only to be fun but also ease our dancers back into their dance year and give them the opportunity of learning many styles in our safe, well equipped studio with qualified and experienced teachers.

ADULT WORKSHOPS - A fun and intense welcome back to dance in 2021with the two day workshop covering Barre, Lyrical and Jazz. This workshop has been created with a focus on building strength, technique, artistry and well-being through the love of dance.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 16, 2021

Sounds like fun!!

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