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TCDA has been working with Entertainment Venues to ensure a safe but still spectacular major production again this year.

December at TCDA always brings a sense of completion and accomplishment. All of our students efforts during the year are rewarded with a crowning performance at the amazing Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre.

We are so please to announce that our much anticipated 2020 Major Production “Eternity” will proceed as planned, albeit modified slightly to keep within safety guidelines and ensuring the best possible experience for dancers and spectators alike. Performance in our major production is the highlight in so many of our dancers year and we are so happy that we have been able to make this a reality again this year.


Our show will accommodate “bubble seating”, which will allow family members to purchase seats to sit together and leave empty seats around to ensure social distancing requirements are met. TRC’s Entertainment Venues have launched a brilliant new ticketing system that automatically blocks out seats around your group when you make your booking.


TCDA’s productions have always been known for their huge combined dance items, however, this year we will keeping our classes largely separate to reduce crowding. To keep our run times manageable we will be doing two shows with different programs on Saturday and Sunday (5 & 6 December), and also ensure that our audience is not crowded and comfortable. Some dancers will perform on both days depending on scheduling. This is a similar approach as our usual Mid Year Showcase, but we will be mixing the Senior and Junior schools together as we believe that it's important for TCDA students of ages to mix in furthering their development.


We at TCDA prioritise the mental health of our young dancers. Our items this year aim to bring hope, positivity and energy to their lives. Thank you for working with us toward this end. Please note that any costume fees paid in term 1 will be credited toward this term.

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