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TCDA has remained compliant with all Government Health regulations and directives and we continue to remain vigilant and fully appraised of current situations. Your cooperation in adhering to our new procedures moving forward will ensure the best experience for your dancers and we offer our thanks to everyone in advance.


Students are asked to sanitise their hands upon entry to the studio. Both Tamworth & Qurindi have sanitising stations at the entrance. If you have a preferred product, please send this with your dancers to use. Our teachers clean their hands between each class and any props or equipment are similarly sanitised after use. Common areas are also cleaned at regular intervals. Students are also requested to bring their own clearly labelled drink bottle.


We are fortunate to have such large studios and have structured our timetable to ensure classes are of compliant sizes. Despite out Tamworth Studio being able to accommodate up to 100 people under the 4 square metre rule, we consider it best practice to limit the number of persons inside the space and as such we have instituted the following procedures.

ω Drop off and Pick up only (except Tiny’s)

ω Students to only be present for their class (within reason)

ω Practice social distancing inside the studio when waiting for a class

ω Practice social distancing in common areas outside the studio

ω Limit the number of persons at Reception to one at a time

ω Request direct deposit as our preferred payment option.

ω Abide by the maximum number of persons permitted in each room as marked


TCDA Teachers, Volunteers, Dancers and their Families are not to enter the Studio if they are unwell with symptoms of a fever or respiratory tract infection, if they have travelled to an area that has been identified as an infection hotspot or have been in contact with anyone who may have traveled or been in contact with any such likely source of infection.


With the exception of Tiny’s parents and parents wishing to make enquiries at reception, only enrolled dancers are permitted to remain in the studio during classes. This provides us with the ideal opportunity to contact trace in the case of an identified infection. Please ensure that your dancers contact details are up to date on their enrollment form.

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