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Everyone knows that TCDA is so much more than our dance classes. This was evident during term 2 as our teachers and dancers continued to do great work in our Community to make our world a better and brighter place.

Our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who continued online ZOOM classes with us. Your support has ensured that TCDA would be in a position to return to face to face classes as restrictions have eased and also maintained your own skill and fitness levels. Thank you from all of us! The first easing of restrictions allowed for "Boot Camps" of up to ten. We promptly turned our TCDA car park into our boot camp venue for our Troupes, using the car spaces as distancing markers. Miss Kaitlin did a good deed for GoodStart Early learning centre by choreographing and uploading hip hop routines for their little ones. Our Adult dancers may have been without Yummy Mummys and Back to the Barre, but their lonely Saturday Nights were to be filled with Miss Kellie's "Wine Barre" classes. TCDA Dance families the Burr’s & the Owen’s were featured in Liverpool Plains photographer Sally Alden’s #frontstepsproject, which aimed to keep communities connected whilst staying physically apart. What a great initiative! Sally’s work on this project can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram. Miss Kellie offered her advice as a panel member on Healthwise’s online forum “The Exchange” that to help businesswomen devise strategies for dealing with unexpected change. She then spoke at Mark Sleiman’s “Project You” forum at The Press providing young business people with an insight into non-verbal communication.

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